Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lethbridge Show at Henotic

The show at Henotic went swell. We definitely brought the rock more than we have before. Ev's banjo was missing in action, so we both played electrified.

It's nice to know I can fly into town and play a show with a full band without the fuss of things like practicing.

Shotgun Jimmie and B.A. Johnston were gentlemen to behold. They are doing a video tour blog. Here's an episode with a snippet of my set.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


After a longish hiatus from playing music it seems I've found myself with a bunch of shows this October.

This Thursday, October 1st I'm opening for Calgary friends Lucid 44 and Halifax's Klarka Weinwurm. This goes down at Gus' Pub in Halifax. All of the members of my old band Grandfather Fire and the Holy Mourning will be in attendance, so a Gramps tune may find it's way into my set. Expect magic not conceived since Micheal J Fox took to the stage at the end of Back to the Future 1.

I'm heading West to Calgary just in time to play a show in Lethbridge on Wednesday, the 7th opening for B.A. Johnston and Shotgun Jimmie. I'll be accompanied by Evan van Reekum on his fancy new Rickenbacker and Space Echo.

Then I play a matinee show on Sunday, October 18th at Dan Northfield's new pub, Local 510 with Halifax buddy Jon Mckiel.

Finally, I finish the month with a show at the Marquee Room with Fox Opera on the Thursday, the 29th. I'm going to put together a band for this show. Should be fun.

So, to recap:

Thursday, October 1st
Gus' Pub - Halifax, NS
Lucid 44, Klarka Weinwurm

Wednesday, October 7th
Henotic (The Old No1 Firehall) - Lethbridge, AB
BA Johnston, Shotgun Jimmie

Sunday, October 18th
Matinee show at Local 510 - Calgary, AB
Jon Mckiel

Thursday, October 29th
Marquee Room - Calgary, AB
Fox Opera and Guests

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tonight, I took a walk up past the house where I grew up. Wow, that sounds like a dusty, old sentence.

I grew up across the street and over a little hill from the Trans Canada Highway as it cuts it's way through Calgary. I remember the week they built the concrete acoustic retaining wall at the top of the hill. Us kids played with our little green plastic army guys in the giant (to a 6 year old) holes they bored in the ground for the posts. We built an elaborate network of bunkers for our men until the holes themselves became bunkers for each of us to hide out in. On the last day before they filled them in, we could see the workers coming, working their way towards our holes. I remember thinking they would never think of filling our bunkers with concrete after they see what we made them into....

Later, as a teenager, I would spend many nights sitting on top of that wall with friends. It's where I had my first "smoke", a dark brown cardboard Crispy Crunch tray with dried grass rolled into an unholy pesticide cocktail by my friend James. We would sit up there dreaming of all the places we would go on that highway once we got our licenses.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Every Morning, I Get Up

My walk to and from work takes me a half an hour depending on my path. I hate the feeling I get when I sense that I'm repeating myself, so I do my best to create a different route every day. Just when I think I've worn out the possible combinations I duck down some street that changes my course and I've created a new experience.

On the days I wake up in a sour mood, I always walk the same path. Straight up to the Citadel and across town. On the really good days, I walk along the ocean.

I often imagine the people I come across on the street dancing to the music on my ipod. Skater jocks arm in arm with financial advisers. That guy spreading salt on the icy sidewalk slow dancing with that sketched out addict. That whole clump of people on Barrington Street waiting for the bus all of a sudden burst into a chorus line.

Halifax really is a beautiful town. I often get the sense that I've dreamed of this place in the past and I think after we've left, it will haunt my dreams for a long time to come.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Butcher is Getting Ready for Some Choice Cuts

I'm thinking it's time to get some blood on the table. Stay tuned for some new and semi-regular posts.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greenwash Gang

Here's my bro's entry in the Edmonton 24 Hour Film Fest. He's the one in the middle in the back seat. They won best director.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holy shit, what's happening to me?

I hope Kallen doesn't read this, but I just listened to an entire Ani Difranco album...and I enjoyed most of it. Actually enjoyed it!

I guess I now have something in common with all those girls who thought maybe, just maybe they were a lesbian.


My mom will be confused now and will ask my brother who Ani Difranco is....