Monday, March 9, 2009

Every Morning, I Get Up

My walk to and from work takes me a half an hour depending on my path. I hate the feeling I get when I sense that I'm repeating myself, so I do my best to create a different route every day. Just when I think I've worn out the possible combinations I duck down some street that changes my course and I've created a new experience.

On the days I wake up in a sour mood, I always walk the same path. Straight up to the Citadel and across town. On the really good days, I walk along the ocean.

I often imagine the people I come across on the street dancing to the music on my ipod. Skater jocks arm in arm with financial advisers. That guy spreading salt on the icy sidewalk slow dancing with that sketched out addict. That whole clump of people on Barrington Street waiting for the bus all of a sudden burst into a chorus line.

Halifax really is a beautiful town. I often get the sense that I've dreamed of this place in the past and I think after we've left, it will haunt my dreams for a long time to come.