Friday, August 29, 2008

Saltspring Island - Aug 8-11, 2008

So, after visiting Mudge on the long weekend, I went over to the main island to pick up my motorbike at the lutherie school and hang with friends. I took the Greyhound from Nanaimo to Parksville and I hate admitting this, but I took a good hard look at the people sitting around me in light of what happened near Portage earlier this month.

Went for dinner with Stinni and Arlen. Played a game called Horseballs, which has taken the school by storm since I left. It was great to hang with my brief but significant friends. JP said I was looking so happy, which was nice to hear. I remember feeling it.

Arlen and I have loose plans to visit Stinni in Iceland over Christmas. We'll see...

Stinni, Arlen


It was hot, so after dinner, I went for a swim


August was a month of Island hopping. Mudge, Gabriola, Thee Island, and Saltspring. All of them beautiful in different ways and I'd love to call one of them home someday. That is, if I don't get sidetracked by Alaska. Hmmm.

Here are some pics from Joel's palace on Saltspring. Another great weekend.

Joel, Julia, Barrald

Dad takes a nap

Shammy, Barr

Joel, Sham have a snuggle

Me, Sham, John watch Joel dance

Joel dances

Lomie, Jen playing Bomberman on mini-nintendos. John, Sham

Barr rippin' on the Ganges skate park

Dad tending to some house work!

There is no party here.

Barr, Bianca, Sham, John, Lomie walking down the cliff to the ocean

Bianca and I went for a little sea kayaking adventure. Something I've always wanted to do, but never had a chance until now. Rad.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Fun Time: Forest Tate Fraser Show

Evan and I are playing a free show this Saturday, August 16. It's the last installment of the CJSW Radio Summer Concert Series at Olympic Plaza.

It's supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow. I can't wait to play these songs in the outdoors. As I was writing some of them, I thought they were best suited for a summertime evening. Not a dark rock club. The sun is going to start setting near the end of our set. The Summer of Enjoyment continues.

We'll be playing two new songs, and the Daniel Johnston cover of True Love Will Find You in the End.

Thanks to CJSW (the only radio station in town that supports local music in meaningful ways) for inviting me to play!

Honeybear (7:00)
Forest Tate Fraser (7:45)
Clinton St. John (8:30)
Kris Ellestad (9:15)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mudge Island - August Long 2008

After finishing the Purr project I spent the weekend hanging with friends at a remote cabin on an even more remote island. I met Belinda and Jude at Sham and Bar's place on a Wednesday and went to see their band (Blue and White Van) at The Biltmore on Thursday. They invited me along with Wendy/Barry, Sean/Bianca, Jake/Courtnay to Belinda's folk's cabin on Mudge Island. I was the wheel for the weekend but super happy to be included.

To get to Mudge from the mainland, take the ferry to Nanaimo, then a different ferry to Gabriola Island. From there, it's up to you to find yr own way across the narrows to Mudge. Every step of the way, you get the sense that yr brain is shedding the complications of the everyday and making room for the calm that only simplicity (and good friends) can provide.

Speaking of good friends. Sean and Barry. I'm a better person for having known them. These are some rock solid dudes. Ethics that make sense because they are informed by what they feel is good and right even at the expense of their own personal gain. Village first. Self second.

I had the chance to spend more time with Barry this trip than I have in the past. Sitting at the kitchen table well into the night. We shared our thoughts about a lot of things but tended to hover around love and relationships. Though I'm having a hard time boiling down our chats into something concrete that I can take away with me, I know one thing. He has saved me. Saved me from falling in the wrong direction. From giving too much of myself. To the wrong person. Again.

He also said something beautifully poetic (chances are it will make it into a song). "All of the water flows into the ocean". I take this to mean that me and my girl (whoever,wherever, whenever) will find each other. Maybe she's part of the mist in water fall and I'm in a chunk of ice stuck on some 4X4's bumper. Someday, we'll find each other at the mouth of a river as it mixes with the salt water or inside a raindrop as it falls. Barf bag please.

Pair this idea to something Shammy said a couple days before, "good people find good people" and it makes me feel pretty content with my current state.

Anyways, here are some pics from Mudge.

Barry, Me, Wendy on the ferry to Nanaimo

Me, Jude crossing across to Mudge

Me being a Pescetarian, Jake, Courtnay from Langly

Wendy and I night driving the golf cart

Wendy, Belinda, me


Belinda shucking fresh oysters. I ate at least 25 and then lost 'em in the bushes


Bianca, Wendy and the blobby jelly fish

Barr, Jake have an accident

Dad eats breakfast

Jude, Barr having a reading

Me, Wendy, Belinda enjoying a Sunday afternoon drive

Me, Wendy at the library, the closest thing to commerce on the island

Charlie the micro cabin

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Just wrapped up the Vancouver Purr project.

For each of the last four days, I've worked fourteen hours. It's been busy, but not stressful. Things came together with minimal complication and of course it helps when you believe in what you're doing and are doing it for/with great people.

I'm off to Thee Island with Barold and Wendy to hang out at a new friend's cabin on Mudge Island (one of the smaller ones near Nanaimo). Then, back to the lutherie school to pick up my motorbike and say hi to friends.

I'm looking forward to slowing down this weekend and having some time to think. I've made some big decisions and I want to make sure they're the right ones.