Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greenwash Gang

Here's my bro's entry in the Edmonton 24 Hour Film Fest. He's the one in the middle in the back seat. They won best director.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holy shit, what's happening to me?

I hope Kallen doesn't read this, but I just listened to an entire Ani Difranco album...and I enjoyed most of it. Actually enjoyed it!

I guess I now have something in common with all those girls who thought maybe, just maybe they were a lesbian.


My mom will be confused now and will ask my brother who Ani Difranco is....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gainfully Employed

I start a new job tomorrow and I'm very excited. I'll be doing carpentry work for a company ( that primarily does restorations on Victorian era houses and buildings.

This is a great opportunity to be doing the kind of wood work I like to do on a daily basis. No stinky bathroom renos here. This will be my first nine to five job since I left the radio station and I'm looking forward to the structure it will give my day to day livin'. Did I mention I'm really excited??

I couldn't have asked for a more fitting opportunity. The job market is obviously a lot tighter here than Calgary, so I wasn't expecting to find something even remotely as interesting. Jen and I were out with some of her friends the first week I arrived when I met her friend Scott ( He mentioned this company that a friend of his works for and that I should check it out, he heard they were looking for carpenters. With loose directions as to the location of the shop, I set out to find this mysterious wood shop. I found it on my second day of trying and then it took me a week of going back everyday until someone was around I could talk to. Jen was talking about the power of positive thinking and this is a perfect example. I knew this was the job for me and that I was going to get it.

I have a habit of setting too high of expectations and getting burned, so while I'm excited, I'm trying to keep things in perspective.


It was my Day of Life (Birthday) this weekend and Jen and I went down to Lunenburg to celebrate. Lunenburg was beautiful, not nearly as touristy as I expected. It's a world heritage site, so aside from cars and the odd Crocks wearing tourist, there are few signs of modernity to be found.

It's also where the Bluenose is moored. Apparently they only give out dimes as change because after ordering a coffee I received 40 cents in dimes when a quarter, a nickle, and a dime would have sufficed.

The town before Lunenburg - Mahone Bay was crawling with middle aged white people who all looked like they could be distant relatives, double fisting double-doubles. It was the annual Scarecrow Festival.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The End is Not Near, It's Here - #1

Third week of August in Fernie, BC. Gas supply led Petro Canada cut off deliveries to the Kooteneys.

Remember when you had to line up for 2 hours to get a donut when Krispy Kreme first opened? They had security guards directing traffic. I've never had a Krispy Kreme donut. Does that make me better than you? Perhaps.