Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

I've always found wood working to be an introspective time. Even when others are around it is necessary to crawl inside yrself to concentrate. For someone like me who's wheels are always spinning to begin with, this can be a bit much at times.

Yesterday, I caught myself stewing over something I have no control over and ultimately doesn't effect me. I had let it turn over in my head for a good half hour before realizing I was even doing it. On the other hand, like I talked about in a previous post, I can be swept away by a good thought. Also yesterday, sanding a brace I remembered a text message exchange Dik and I had the day before.

A Calgary haiku for you.
This rain has to stop / summer enjoyment on hold / cold, wet, and boring

That's a bummer man.

Grown men also cry

I let out a little chuckle at the memory and looked around the room to see if anyone noticed.

Today, as my head was deep inside the work at hand, this thought came.

When the person you love tells you they don't love you it would be easier if yr heart and mind could do what yr stomach does when you've eaten something bad. Vomit.

I don't love you....brrllahhh! Well, that was easy. On with my day.

Choosing the wrong person to love has messed with my heart. Trust will never come as easy.

I believe in endless love. I believe in my love. That's about it.

For now, I'll take the advice my dad gave when I told him I was dating my first girlfriend - don't be afraid to play the field.

He also said - keep yr pecker in yr pants.

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