Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Walk in the Park

I stopped in for a visit at my uncle's (Keith) sign shop this afternoon. I was in the area picking up some materials for a project I'm working on. The shop is in an industrial park. A strange pairing of words. Industrial park.

I hadn't seen him since Christmas two years ago. He was married to my Aunt Flo who died of cancer when I was in grade eight.

He is a part of some of my earliest memories. When he started dating my aunt, he would come over to our old house in Rundle. My mom or dad would announce that he had pulled up out front in his gold Mazda and my brothers and I would go running to our hiding spots. Hearts pounding. He would come in the house and after saying his adult greetings would come and take the piss out of us boys for a while. I'm sure it got old for him pretty quick.

It was great to talk to him and his wife Laurel today. I had a pretty shitty night last night so it was good to have a conversation with someone who knows the big picture, but very few details about the direction my life has taken.

We talked about love, family, religion...

He gave me some real insight into things.

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