Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where is My Mind?

Ben says his biggest fear is flying. Liz didn't like spiders much. My brother is afraid of needles. My fear is that someday I will loose my mind. Not like in old age, but that I'll experience something so harsh that my brain just gives up. Does not compute. I've had moments, actually just parts of moments where I've lost it.

I've been on a huge Daniel Johnston kick for the past week. Watched the documentary about his life - grew up in The Church of Christ (the same church I did), went crazy and threw an elderly woman from a second story window (she was possessed by two demons), took the keys from an airborne prop plane his dad was piloting and threw them out the window. They crashed but survived. Wouldn't sign with Electra because he thought Metalica was going to kill him. Worked at Macdonalds.

He writes amazing songs about love and draws some strikingly unique pictures of Captain America and Casper the Friendly Ghost. He's crazy. Reminds me a bit of Long Island Adam. He thinks he's going to save the world.

I'm covering one of his songs (True Love Will Find You in the End) for the Sad Bastard cover night at Marquee that Marco is putting together.

Almost all of his songs are love songs. I was starting to get a complex about how often the word "love" enters my songs, but after hearing Daniel's tunes, I don't feel so bad.

Speaking of love songs, it's way easier for me to write them when I'm not in love. Strange.

My brother did a really rad painting of one of my photos from The Island.

Here are some of his other paintings. He's getting really good. Self taught.


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  2. those paintings are good; by that i mean i like them