Monday, September 29, 2008


So far, living in Halifax has been more like a vacation. I don't have any responsibilities yet. Thankfully that will change soon. This is the week to find a job. Beyond Kijiji, I have one semi-solid lead.

I've met a bunch of Jen's friends who are great. Went for drinks with Kincaid Chan and his special lady friend Jessica on Saturday. Kincaid moved out here from Calgary a few years ago for school. I played briefly in his band Venus and Fergus. We talked about jamming together.

I've got a major itch to play in a band again. The songs I'm writing would have so much more power with a rhythm section. That said, Evan and I are in the planning stages of doing some long distance internerd recording for the first Forest/Van Reekum album. We had planned to make a record with my friend Lorrie Matheson in October, but the speedy Halifax move got in the way. So the plan is, I'm going to send Ev the vocal and guitar audio files, then he'll add his banjo/dobro/blues harp/Freemason chants. Should be fun.

Survived my first tropical storm. Is it still tropical when it reaches the Maritimes? It's name was Kyle. Sort of a wuss...

I was out for a walk enjoying the warm, wet winds when out of nowhere the downpour started. I was drenched from head to toe in seconds.

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