Saturday, June 7, 2008


Those random chunks of wood I started with are beginning to look like something you could play a tune on.

I cut the kerfing, which are long skinny strips of maple with notches cut close together to allow them to bend. Kerfing is used to create a larger surface area on the sides of the guitar for the top and back to be glued to.

Then, the back and top are glued to the sides. These cam clamps hold down the parts to create one whole.

Next week, most of my time will be spent on the neck. This is the most intimidating part of the process. It's a mystery to me right now. I guess that's what learning is about. How you gain real wisdom. Eliminating that which creates fear through knowledge and experience.

I've still got that low and warm buzzing behind my thoughts. Sometimes this means a song is going to come. I got out of bed this morning and headed down to the ocean with a cup of coffee and a note pad. Wrote some words. Tonight I hope to marry them to a song.

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