Sunday, June 1, 2008

People Can Be Nice

I've received some really swell feedback from you. I wanted to share it. Since it was sent to me personally, the writers will remain anonymous. Except my mom, but she outed herself.

By the way, feel free to comment on the blogs themselves if you care to. Otherwise, keep the emails coming. Makes me feel tickly inside.

Here is a sampling.....


It's funny, I read your last entry (about vomiting up emotions), and it corresponds quite directly to some similar sentiments I was in touch with last weekend.

I was thinking about the shite state of the environment, and how we keep extracting things that are only "of value" because we've convinced ourselves that they are, in the process producing by-products that are killing us and making our planet uninhabitable.

We make and consume all of this shit, and then instead of doing the sensible thing which would be to vomit - purge ourselves of the toxins - and start anew with a healthier way of living, we hold it all in, endure physical and moral discomfort, indigestion, and the occasional sour burp, and tell ourselves that it will all get better (with the help of some newly minted toxins for us to purchase... and so the cycle continues).


That's a pretty cool skill to learn! I'm not much of a fan of blogs but yours reads like it was actually written by a real person.

The west coast is great for exploring every corner of your heart and mind without consciously doing so, like therapy for your soul or something.


I've been enjoying your blogs immensely. The craftsmanship involved in what you are doing looks pretty detailed. It'll be nice to have that tucked in tool kit! The tools you're using look like they come from Lee Valley. Is the little Japanese saw a dovetail saw with the teeth only bent one way?

I was wondering if I could use your statement about finding "instruction without ego" in my thesis. It is quite a poignant idea in the Western academy and to see it in action very rare. I hope the first impressions on that have been lasting ones. Teaching that has nothing to prove is something amazing to strive for.

I hope everything keeps going well.


I think Joel Plaskett says it better than I:

"my dad says, son theres nothing else. Before you love someone you've got to learn to love yourself. Know that when they're gone they will truly be gone. So don't you waste your time."


You see the 'invisible' people and you let them see you - not very many are good at that. As a mother I would wish for all happy days for my boys, but I know that you will never be all that you can be if you never have to stretch and if you never feel pain. I hope that along the way you will find the God who is there, not the one that the 'church' tries to make Him be. Keep your heart open.


As you have found traveling puts us all on an even playing field so that we must do things like talk to strangers, ask for help and also offer it. It's so equalizing isn't it? I found my trip to be full of moments like these. The explorers and nomads of the past and present surely are rich with this exhiliration.

It sounds like one of those fulfilling opportunities you hear of later in life when you turn 60 and say "Why didn't I ever think of doing that?" and then you go hunting for a wisky bottle to feel better.

Love the shot of the ocean feeding ground for your fish - I imagine the view while listening to Sigur Ros. Your guitar design looks bullet proof tough? Is it?

Don't forget to eat a potassium alternate to bananas.


The blog is sweet. Good to hear you got there safe enough. This blog and those pictures will turn into your motorcycle diary's. After you get assasinated for starting a revolution I'll make a sweet movie featuring the guitar you're making and it will be gear.

I like the drawing of the guitar, have you considered putting the word forest right into the wood? Also, feel free to nerd out. It is interesting.


Bilal and Tony sound like good dudes. I had a few encounters like that... I love how they always call themselves welcoming committees..

Keep in touch fella, look forward to whatever is to come.


PS. Here's a sweet stick I found by the ocean last night.

The face of someone enjoying themselves.

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