Monday, June 30, 2008


At about week two of my time on The Island, my mom sent me an email saying that playing the first chord on my guitar would be like looking into the eyes of my first born child. I hope he/she isn't that ugly. After frantically putting the finishing touches on the instrument (installing a pick-up, tuners, dressing the frets...), we strung it up with fresh strings, but it wouldn't stay in tune. It has settled in nicely now.

I was short on time, so Brian helped me file the nut and saddle. I would have flown home with an incomplete guitar if it wasn't for his assistance.

It was a proud moment to hold that thing in my arms. I've been gushing about it ever since.

The only thing I have left to do it the finish. I can't decide whether to do a gel finish, which is a poly-urathane that is easy to apply and ok for the environment, but not necessarily professional or a french polish, which is a shellac that is finicky to apply and somewhat toxic, but potentially amazing. We shall see.

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