Friday, June 13, 2008

...and Young

Laid down for a nap after school today and can't seem to shake the fog.

It's nice being in the shop with so few people. No waiting for someone to be done with a tool. Although, I miss the interaction with others.

It's just me, The Twins, RJ, and Cory. Everyone else went to the convention.

The Twins (Essa and Noah) are rad. They're big and awkward 16 year olds who are just starting to figure shit out. Like sponges, they seem to watch everything. Home schooled in southern California. Their nighbors are Steve Vai (cheesy hair-metal guitarist from the '80s) and Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, Nash...and Young). Their dad is an inventor.

Noah (grey shirt) really hates getting his picture taken, but I caught him with this one.

Essa was telling me today the last time he saw him, Nash was pulling on his toe to wake him up from a nap.

These kids are living a unique existence. Noah just came from culinary school. Now, far from home learning to build guitars. They're pretty much blowing my preconceptions about rich kids right out of the water. Super sweet kids.

Jeez, like I said, I can't shake the fog from my nap. That's it. Going for a walk.

Oh yeah, I'm heading to Tofino for the weekend. Booked a bunk in the hostel. Gonna try surfing. I'll try to post something just so my mom knows I made it ok.

I'll have my phone if you want to get a hold of me....

PS. I'm beardless for the first time in a couple years. I don't recognize myself. It won't last long though.

Here's a picture of me at the beach without a beard


  1. If you had facebook, that bottom pic would be a perfect profile pic.

    but you don't. and isn't life so much better for it?

  2. Kallen, I was thinking of you when I took that picture.